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Welcome to adventures in PR. These adventures started when I formed Lee & Associates, Public Relations in 1950 and went on for over 60 years, handling mostly food product promotions. My two sons, Howard and Frank, joined me in the 1970's, Howard with a degree in Public Relations from USC, where I received my degree in marketing many many years prior, and Frank with a degree in Mass Communications from California State University, Northridge. They are involved in many of the following stories. Before I get started, let me tell you exactly what I'm talking about. This does not involve the day-to-day routine work in Public Relations, where you plan, budget, research, implement and reach out to the media on behalf of your clients. My stories are about adventures that happened as a result of opportunities. There were two types of opportunities. If something happened in the press, pertaining to the subject that we were promoting, we would see if we could react with positive information that would be complimentary to our client. There were also opportunities that we could create by working with someone else, and including their product information with our messages. We call them 'tie-ins.' We would share costs for media and production or we would include their product in our recipes and they would include our product in theirs. We would both benefit with increased exposure without additional costs. Some adventures occurred as a result of emergencies or mishaps, over which we had no control or that could have been prevented, if in the planning stage, there was no assumption that everything was perfect, which meant double-checking all parts of the upcoming program. My first adventure was with Abbott and Costello and The Golden Egg. I'm sure you will enjoy reading these entertaining stories and perhaps get some ideas that could be helpful to you in some of your activities.