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Leo Pearlstein


1. Abbott and Costello
2. Some Celebrities Are Good Eggs
3. Dinah Loves Omelets
4. Anytime is Turkey Time
5. Sexy Jayne Mansfield Loves Turkey
6. Kennedy's Assassination Kills Thanksgiving Promotion
7. Steve Allen, First Tonight Show Host, A Man For All Seasons
8. Mrs. Cubbison, A 60-year Adventure
9. San Francisco Examiner, Negative into Positive
10. Prunes and Jeans
11. Prunes for Acne
12. The Golden Prune Award
13. Bin Laden Kills Salmon Promotion
14. Where is the Shrimp?
15. Grande Calamari, Squid By Any Other Name
16. Disaster Avoided at Mexican President's Visit
17. Smoked Whitefish, A Giant Recall
18. Zsa Zsa Says No
19. Bob Hope, A True Classic
20. O.J. Simpson Foils Our Promotion
21. Snoopy for President
22. Wild Honey, A Wild Promotion
23. Chinese Acrobatic Troop
24. Alcoa and Food for the Astronauts
25. 'Rocky' Movie, Huge Success
26. Fritos Has Metal Chips
27. Nixon's Nutrition Conference
28. 'In Like Flint' Movie Health Bar
29. Sean Penn Hates Croutons
30. Social Media – The Good and the Bad
31. Mustard and Basketball
32. The Pizza Bowl Cook Off
33. Gastroenterologists Convention With A Troubled Beginning
34. David and Goliath, A Food Battle
35. Norton Simon and Our Reward